Trade Show Success in 2018

February 2, 2019
We are always excited to be in front of new audiences and meet new people with which to share our products.  Hoosier's trade show experience in 2018 was one for the books, and we hope to continue our momentum through 2019!

Trade Shows

2018 Trade Shows Blog

2018 Trade Show Circuit

August 9, 2018
Trade shows are important parts of any industry, and that surely doesn’t exclude the process automation and manufacturing industry.  These shows offer a unique opportunity to gather customers, manufacturers, partners, and development companies within their respective fields all under one roof. 

Trade Shows

Wagon for Warriors Blog

Wagons for Warriors

August 8, 2018
At Hoosier Feeder Company we get excited about our employees’ efforts and adventures outside of work as much as their efforts inside of our facility.  We are especially excited when those efforts put forth go to help others, much like our own Jon Cannaday’s journey to help injured and recovering veterans.  Jon calls his mission Wagons for Warriors and its really is quite special.  

Company News

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HFC Releases Heavy Duty Feeder

July 5, 2018
Centrifugal, or rotary, feeders are not typically known for their ability withstand heavy, hard, or sharp parts. Rotary style feeders generally thrive with light-weight plastic parts that would deform before causing damage to the feeder system. Of course, a part is not automatically considered suitable for a vibratory feeder just because the part will not work in a centrifugal feeder.

Centrifugal Feeders

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Mentorship at Hoosier Feeder Company

June 5, 2018 
For years, there has been a growing shortage of skilled labor in virtually every industry.  Hoosier Feeder Company is taking proactive steps to educate youth in that regard. Mentorship, especially in the niche industry of parts feeding, is integral to the survival and imminent growth of the manufacturing industry and we full-heartedly believe in practicing just that.

Company News

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HFC Feeds Parts for Vision Inspection

May 3, 2018
Hoosier Feeder Company builds feeding systems for a vast number of different processes in the manufacturing realm. One process that is not immediately associated with manufacturing is part inspection. Extremely large companies and companies that require a large number of high-precision parts, often fasteners, look to automate the inspection process itself which provides a new set of parameters for us to build to. Inspection companies look for a variety of qualities in the parts they inspect, and it is our job to prepare and present the parts precisely the way they need.

Centrifugal Feeders

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Centrifugal Feeder Vocabulary

April 18, 2018 
Here are some of the common “vocab” terms that we at Hoosier Feeder Company commonly use to discuss our centrifugal feeder systems so that you can have a deeper understanding of what we do.

Centrifugal Feeders