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A High-Speed, Hygienic Product Orienting Solution featuring a Shibuya Hoppmann Centrifugal Feeder Bowl

At rates of up to 700 PPM, our Sanitary Centrifugal Feeder System is ideal for orienting bulk hygienic products, including fresh, frozen, or packaged food, as well as pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. 

  • Engineered to meet stringent hygienic standards
    • Continuous welded seams
    • IP69K Controls
  • Ideal for daily washdown with toolless changeovers
  • High-speed rates up to 700 ppm
  • Easily interfaces with other equipment including robotic tray packing, flow wrappers, cartoners and other machinery
  • Compact, space-saving footprint

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The food production industry is ever-growing, and automation is playing a key role in increasing production and reducing costs.  Hoosier Feeder food-grade sanitary centrifugal feeders make it simple to automate feeding your food production line with the product you need.  

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Hoosier Feeder specializes in delivering high-quality and efficient feeding, orienting, and conveying solutions. Offering custom-built vibratory feeder bowls, centrifugal feeder bowls, conveyor systems, and more, we take pride in serving industries worldwide with dependable automation equipment.

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