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Q. Can automated parts handling systems provide better accuracy?

A. Yes, automated parts handling systems pick and orient parts with unmatchable precision. They will help prevent waste, improve product output, reduce operating costs, and improve worker safety by reliably delivering parts to your production line. 

Q. Which type of bowl feeder is suitable for high feed rates?

A. There are several factors that go into choosing a feeder system which include part characteristics, output rate, and available floor space. Usually, when you deal with feeding parts at a high rate you want to go with a centrifugal feeder system. However, if a centrifugal is not an option you can then would go with a vibratory feeder system.

Q. How can I get to know the cost of a feeder system?

A. You can either request for a quote on our website or give us a call at 745-445-3333 to get the process started. Just be sure to provide as much information as possible so that we can give you an accurate pricing of your desired system.

Q. What information do I need for an accurate quote?

A. We typically will need to know what your desired feed rate (parts per minute), preferred orientation, and a sample part, part print or image of the part. If you could provide the scope of the project like will it be a stand-alone or will it integrate into a current system and if are wanting food or medical specifications. If you are wanting a hopper one useful bit of information would be how long you want it to run before it needs to be reloaded.

Q. What’s the price of a system?

A. Our highest price for a system was around $300,000 and our lowest priced system was $500. However, our average cost per system is approximately $28,500. Each system if custom built to a specific product and its respective industry and because of that there is no set price for a system.

Q. What are typical lead times?

A. A typical lead time for a vibratory and centrifugal feeder is 10 to 14 weeks.

Q. What are some options I can get with my vibratory or centrifugal feeder system?

A. Options to add on to your feeder system could be a Pre-Feeder (such as a hopper or elevator), Linear feeder system (such as a conveyor, gravity track or vibratory inline), and parts nest mechanisms (such as rotary actuator, isolation shuttle or stacker mechanism).

Q. What is the warranty?

A. We warrant all our equipment against defective materials and workmanship for 12 months beginning when the product is shipped.  All outsourced components are warranted by the original manufactures’ warranty policy. Also, all quotes sent outline warranty information.

Q. What kind of service do you offer?

A. We offer repair and field services for feeders and parts handling systems regardless of the original supplier or manufacturer. Much of our repair and field service projects involve retrofitting new feeders, upgrading existing equipment, and other similar work.

Q. Are onsite visits allowed?

A. Yes, we highly encourage you to come to our facility. 

Q. What is your availability of spare parts?

A. If you need a part, we will find it! A typical lead time for a standard spare parts delivery is 5 business days. However, when you get into more custom parts like gear boxes that lead time can be around 10 business days.

Q. Will I need different types of drive units for different bowl feeders?

A. Yes. Based on the size, diameter, and type of the bowl feeder you will determine the drive that best fits your system.

Q. How fast of a rate can you feed the parts?

A. A typical vibratory feeder can achieve output rates up to 250 parts per minute while a centrifugal feeder can achieve output rates up to 3000 parts per minute.

Q. Can you feed multiple parts in one system?

A. Yes, we can apply multiple tooling types to account for a variety of parts that will be fed through the system. Sometimes a simple adjustment is all that is required and other times interchangeable tooling is needed to maximize machine efficiency between all part styles.

Q. Do you draw in solid models?

A. Yes, our onsite mechanical engineers use Solid Works to produce our blueprints and 3 dimensional drawings.

Q.  When we supply products do we supply hardware that is Metric or SAE?

A. Centrifugal Feeder hardware is metric. Vibratory Feeder Bowl hardware is avaliable in metric or SAE and should be specificed. 

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