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Ford Motors Vibratory Cinch Nut Feeder

Vibratory Feeders for the Automotive Industry

You've probably seen video of an automotive assembly line where complete vehicles are finished heading for market. That's just a small snapshot of the much larger process. Since every family puts their most valuable possession in their vehicles every day, they count on the vehicle to be safe and reliable.

Vibratory feeders for the automotive industry ensure all the parts of your car get to where they need to be the right way every time, so assembly can proceed smoothly. The headrests, the speedometer needles, the clips in your seatbelt – we create the equipment and processes that make it all come together. At Hoosier Feeder Company, we've been involved in the production of the Ford F-150 by providing 48 parts handling systems to feed the nuts to the robotic welders that hold the truck together.


  • Bolts
  • Dowels
  • Spark Plugs
  • Wheel Studs
  • Fuses

But we're interested in more than just parts handling. We want to understand the entire process, and how our vibratory feeder systems can help you find solutions. Concerned about a difficult build? Hoosier Feeder Company can help you create the right feeders for the automotive industry that fit your high-speed processes and applications.

NEW Product! Clip Placement System

Our all new Clip Placement System is designed to feed clips at high rates of speed in automotive assembly applications. Featuring a patent-pending design, the system feeds clips at a rate 3X faster tha conventional methods, increasing your throughput.

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We specialize in producing high quality and efficient equipment that orients parts with vibratory feeders and centrifugal food systems. We weve worldwide industries with our parts handling equipment. From custom built parts handling equipment to routine maintencace, service, installation and repair.

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