Project Highlights:

Project Type: Rotary (Centrifugal) Feeder System
Client: Keurig (Green Mountain Coffee)
Industry for Use: Food and Beverage

Description: Build a reliable K Cup system for Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company.

Feed System Components:

Volume/Rate: 450 parts per minute
Delivery/Turnaround Time: 10-12 weeks
Delivery Location: Various locations across the U.S.

Results: Successfully created feeder system for Keurig Green Mountain K-cup portion packs; since then the company has developed more than 100 more for Keurig Green Mountain.


Keurig is owned by the Green Mountain Coffee Company. Early in Hoosier Feeder Company’s history, when the company was just starting out and had only five employees, it developed and sold Keurig Green Mountain a high speed centrifugal feed system to automate the cartooning of Keurig's K Cup portion packs. The success and reliability of that first system, and the explosion in the K Cup industry, led to Green Mountain repeatedly coming back to Hoosier Feeder Company to buy more parts handling systems.


Hoosier Feeder Company’s innovation and design have ensured Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company’s continued support. Since that first purchase, Keurig Green Mountain has continued to partner with Hoosier Feeder Company for more than five years with well over 100 feeder systems in production from Hoosier Feeder Company. The systems are located throughout the United States, from coast to coast.

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