Vibratory Feeder Bowl for Small Metal Pins

Vibratory feeder bowls offer a simple automation solution to orient a variety of bulk products including automotive clips, scoops, packaged foods, medical products, and much more!

The Challenge

In this application, our goal is to orient metal pins. The pins' small size and limited distinguishing features make orientation challenging.

  • Product: metal pins
  • Orientation: notch leading

The Solution

To orient the pins with the notch leading, we've developed an 18" vibratory feeder bowl system equipped with specialized tooling.

Sensors evaluate the orientation of the parts. Parts that are correctly oriented proceed to the discharge tube, while any incorrectly oriented parts are rejected by air jets and recirculated back into the feeder bowl.

See It in Action! 

What products are you sorting?

At Hoosier Feeder, we specialize in singulating and orienting bulk products, including pharmaceutical caps, automotive clips, raw foods, health and beauty products, and much more.

If you're looking to optimize your production with the right system, contact us today to discuss your options.

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