At Hoosier Feeder, we manufacture centrifugal feeder systems capable of efficiently handling complex processes. To be able to produce systems for coffee manufacturers, we had to explore and test the dynamics of coffee pods. After years of experience, we have become a leader in the industry because we allow our customers to sell more cups without damage. Our system can be easily integrated with other equipment, including cartoners, fillers, airveyors, and conveyorsAdditionally, our system is designed to store and buffer products if the cartoner or filler back-up.

What Does Hoosier Feeder Have To Offer the Coffee Pod Industry?

While coffee companies must produce a premium product to maintain a competitive edge, Hoosier Feeder has the same mission. We understand that the quality of your product begins with raw materials and ends with point-of-purchase appearance. With over 150 million Americans calling themselves avid coffee drinkers, the coffee industry has to grow and change quickly with its demand. We can help you maintain high speeds, even when you thoroughly purge old flavors or brands and create new products.

In the U.S., the coffee industry makes up to $12.9 billion in revenue per year, with one of the most popular ways to prepare coffee including single-service coffee pods. To maintain a competitive edge, coffee companies must provide a premium product from processing and beyond. At Hoosier Feeder, we construct centrifugal feeder systems to orient coffee pods quickly and efficiently.

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Hoosier Feeder specializes in delivering high-quality and efficient feeding, orienting, and conveying solutions. Offering custom-built vibratory feeder bowls, centrifugal feeder bowls, conveyor systems, and more, we take pride in serving industries worldwide with dependable automation equipment.

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