Rep Spotlight Series: PTR Sales

Welcome back to our Rep Spotlight blog series, where we shine a light on the exceptional representatives dedicated to delivering quality solutions for optimizing your automation processes.

Today, we'd like to present PTR Sales!


PTR Sales


Founded in 2001, PTR specializes in providing technical sales and support to Michigan's manufacturing industries. From guiding the sales process to design consultation, technical expertise, and post-sale startup support, their hands-on approach has been key to continued relationships and success.

Product Portfolio

PTR Sales is a leading provider of technical solutions in material handling, direct part marking, and measurement systems. Catering to diverse sectors such as automotive, medical, consumer products, aerospace, and general manufacturing, PTR Sales prides itself on its in-depth product knowledge, swift communication, and reliable service.

Success Stories

A standout achievement involves PTR collaborating with Hoosier Feeder to engineer custom solutions. One project centered around feeding PeX fittings into multiple outfeed tracks, to be sequenced into a bagging system. This project held special significance, as it was crafted in partnership with a retired engineer aiming to leave behind a lasting impact on the business he had dedicated 38 years to.

The solution incorporated integration with a control system to efficiently cycle four lanes of product into chutes, designed for high-speed bagging. The challenge was to accommodate five distinct part variations at speeds reaching 300 parts per minute. Upon completion, the customer was extremely satisfied and the outcome exceeded the initial speed target by 150%.

Fun Story

PTR Sales’ journey began in 2001 as a spin-off from another sales organization. Their core belief lies in the strength of collective sales efforts; a united sales team is more productive than individual efforts.

The key roles within their team include a dedicated storyteller, a designated driver, and a designated rookie, all backed by a deep appreciation for our country and the opportunities we have to be successful.

PTR Team Masked
PTR Sales Team: Phil Theaker, John Callaghan, & Gunnar Savalox

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August 22, 2023