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4 Types of Linear Feeders

August 23rd, 2022
Within a packaging or assembly line, moving product from point A to point B is the name of the game. Whether you are moving a part away from a fixture for picking, accelerating it into the next process, or transporting it to another area in the facility, linear feeders can provide mobility and flexibility for enhanced production. 

Linear Feeders, Conveyors

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HFC Feeds Parts for Vision Inspection

by Anna Frick

Hoosier Feeder Company builds feeding systems for a vast number of different processes in the manufacturing realm. One process that is not immediately associated with manufacturing is part inspection. Extremely large companies and companies that require a large number of high-precision parts, often fasteners, look to automate the inspection process itself which provides a new set of parameters for us to build to. Inspection companies look for a variety of qualities in the parts they inspect, and it is our job to prepare and present the parts precisely the way they need.

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