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A seriously tough elevator   

There are many benefits to incorporating elevator hoppers into your feeding system.  Elevators keep machine operators safe by reducing load heights and eliminating platforms and ladders; they allow machine operators to be more productive by increasing the time between machine interactions, and they let your feed system run at maximum efficiency by providing a consistent part level in the feeder.  But what happens when the parts being stored in the elevator become too heavy or sharp?  Hoosier inclined hoppers combine the advantages of a standard drag-through elevator with the durability of a vibratory hopper.


A vibratory hopper serves as the bulk storage device and delivers small quantites of the parts on-demand to a cleated elevator belt.  This allows the motor to move the parts easily and prevents premature wear to the belt.  If your project requires extended run times with heavy and sharp parts, ask Hoosier Feeder Company about incorporating a Vibratory Elevator.  

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