How to Replace a Spring and Set a Coil Gap on Your Vibratory Feeder

January 20th, 2023
Regular use of any equipment can inevitably cause parts to break down. Generally, Vibratory Feeder Bowls are robust and require little maintenance. But, in rare instances, you may need to replace or add a spring inside of your vibratory feeder drive unit and set a coil gap. 

Understanding the repair process and having a plan in place for fixing your feeder bowl can help reduce downtime and stress if the situation arises.

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4 Tips for a Smooth Vibratory Bowl Installation

January 17th, 2023
You’ve purchased a vibratory feeder bowl. It’s just been delivered. And now it’s time to install….

If this is your first vibratory feeder, you may be wondering where to start. We've put together a few simple tips to help with the installation process and enhance the longevity and overall efficiency of your equipment.

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2 Simple Ways to Reduce Vibratory Bowl Noise

November 10th, 2022
Vibratory bowls are naturally noisy. The electromagnetic coils that pull and release metal blocks beneath the bowl typically operate 60-120 times per second. The continuous movement causes the parts to vibrate against the bowl and other parts. The system becomes even louder based on the type of product being circulated.  Depending on the part material and shape, the noise level of a feeder system can quickly become harmful to unprotected ears.  

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How HFC Feeders Help Grow Your Company

March 13, 2018
Depending on the size of your current operation, adding part feeding systems can be a sizable investment into your company and as a result may require some careful consideration. Anytime you invest back into your company it’s important to understand how the investment will return and help add value to your processes, products, and company in general.

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Vibratory Feeder Vocabulary

February 18, 2018
At Hoosier Feeder Company, part feeders are our “bread and butter”, and we interact with these machines every day. As the parts feeding industry has grown over time, so has the language that is used to communicate within it. We try to communicate about a projects inner workings as clearly as possible but sometime, we confess, those conversations get a little “wordy”. Here are some vocabulary words that may help shed a little light into your next vibratory feeder project.

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Why Vibratory Feeder Projects Fail (And how to prevent it)

February 16, 2018
Vibratory feeders appeal to many applications, however there are some that prove to be more troublesome than others. At Hoosier Feeder Company, we like to ask questions up-front to fully understand the application and easily avoid total project failure (i.e. building the feeder and system to find out that it does not work). When we consider project failure, realistically, it comes down to how seamlessly our system is integrated into our customers production line. You, our customer, can take steps along with us here at Hoosier Feeder Company to ensure your new feeder system easily adds value to your automation project.

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Our HFC Vibratory Feeder was Delivered. Now What?

by Greg Schombert

In many cases, the arrival of a feeding system to a machine-build is an important stepping stone, as many parts used in the process originate from these feeders. Additionally, the pressures of an aggressive build schedule can be exaggerated when new equipment arrives because that usually means another tier of work is now ready for attention. Despite these pressures, it is important to carefully integrate your new feeding system into your production line to avoid causing more trouble than necessary. Luckily, with some due diligence, many common issues upon receival of a feeder system can be avoided.

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