From Caps to Nozzles with Adjustable Tooling

Vibratory feeders offer a versatile solution for handling small parts in manufacturing and can be incredibly beneficial for production changeovers, particularly when managing multiple products. In a recent application, our customer needed to accommodate three distinct parts within a single feeder bowl to optimize space and facilitate efficient changeover.

  • Part #1: Plastic Nozzle
  • Part #2: Large Plastic Cap
  • Part #3: Small Plastic Cap

Blog2-24To accommodate their varying production needs, we engineered a 27” vibratory feeder bowl with adjustable tooling. The design allowed them to transition between feeding plastic nozzles, small plastic caps, and large plastic caps, with quick adjustments to the tooling.

Advantages of Adjustable Tooling:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Adjustable tooling allows for easy modification of the feeder bowl's setup to accommodate various part sizes, shapes, and types. This flexibility enables manufacturers to handle a wider range of products without the need for multiple feeder bowls.
  • Streamlined Changeovers: With adjustable tooling, transitioning between different parts or product configurations is quick and straightforward. This minimizes downtime during changeovers, maximizing overall production efficiency and reducing operational costs.
  • Space Optimization: By utilizing adjustable tooling to handle multiple parts within a single feeder bowl, you reduce the overall floor space needed.

Check out the same Feeder Bowl processing Nozzles and Caps:

Whether you're scaling up your operations or diversifying your product offering, our vibratory feeders provide adaptability and efficiency, allowing you to remain agile and competitive in the market.

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February 22, 2024