Things to Consider When Designing Your New Feeder System

Feeder System Design ConsiderationsHere are a few things to consider as you’re setting your feeder system design in motion:

  1. Automation Quality Parts – Is your part automation quality? Is it consistent? Does it have excess flash? Does it hold its shape? What is the material composition? These are a few things that need to be considered when designing a parts handling system.
  2. Cycle Speed – What output rate does your process require? Knowing this critical information helps us design the best solution for you equipment needs.
  3. Footprint – You may already have several other systems running on your production floor. How will this new system incorporate into your overall plant layout? What zones require the most operator interaction? We provide solid model drawings to verify the system will fit seamlessly when it arrives.
  4. Production – Cheaper is not always better. There is a dollar cost associated to lost production. Hoosier Feeder Company focuses on quality and customer service not cutting corners, using only the highest quality components and manufacturing techniques. Sometimes we may not be the cheapest quote that you receive. You might save a little up front choosing a company willing to build equipment as inexpensive as possible, but if the system is not reliable and well built it will cost more in the long run to operate.
  5. Understanding the Process – Normally a feed system is only part of the process. Understanding the entire process is important to the design and implementation of a parts handling system.
  6. Delivery Time – How soon do you need the new feeder system? There’s a big difference between 10 weeks and 16 weeks. You need to weigh the value of time.
  7. Support – You want a vendor who’s going to have trained project managers and skilled technicians available after the sale to provide support if required. In automation anything can and will happen. You need to partner with a vendor that is willing to help without pointing fingers.

Is your company considering the design and installation of a new vibratory feeder or rotary feeder system? Contact us today to find out how we can partner with you and add value to the process.