Centrifugal Feeder Systems


The centrifugal feeders manufactured at Hoosier Feeder Company are specifically designed with quality and efficiency in mind. Our proficiency and experience allow us to handle complex applications effectively at high rates of speed. By using robust tooling practices, our machines offer "hands off" gentle parts handling that reduces downtime and increases productivity. Our centrifugal or rotary feeders are used to serve a broad range of industries from high speed packaging to inspection, printing, and labeling automation.

Hoosier Feeder Company’s customers have come to expect exceptional quality, high feed rates, and a system that is easy to maintain.

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More Details

  • Our centrifugal feeders produce high feed rates which increases productivity
  • Our rotary feeders allow for the gentle handling of parts and virtually ensures that product does not get damaged
  • Even the most complicated part can be oriented and sorted out efficiently by our centrifugal feeders
  • Gentle and smooth functioning of centrifugal feeders require less maintenance and quieter operation
  • Lower part recirculation, flexible feed ranges, and improved product changeover times are some of the other noteworthy features of our centrifugal feeders
  • We offer adjustable tooling to feed multiple parts in the same system with positive adjustment features that insure repeatability

Standard and Optional Feeder Features

  • Complete line of centrifugal feeders from 10" to 60" diameter
  • Custom tooling for sorting and part orientation for the most complex parts
  • Adjustable tooling to feed multiple parts in the same system
  • UHMW and Teflon linings available in part contact areas to increase protection of parts in high visibility applications
  • Dual motors available for optimum efficiency
  • Food grade units with wash down motors
  • Lexan covers with interlocks for safety and reduced part contamination