Vibratory Bowl Feeders


Vibratory feeders are used to orient and discharge parts in a repeatable position for the assembly process. What makes a feed system from Hoosier Feeder Company unique is the capability to feed multiple part styles in the same feed system or adapt to future product designs.

By using robust tooling practices, our vibratory feeder systems are constructed to ensure high efficiency during heavy duty operations. Our feed systems are custom designed for each application or specific manufacturing process.

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More Details

  • Our vibratory feeders produce high quality, reliable parts handling equipment
  • Even the most complicated part can be oriented and sorted out efficiently by our vibratory feed systems
  • Systems can be designed to feed multiple parts with positive stop adjustment for quick and easy change over.

Standard and Optional Feeder Features

  • Complete line of vibratory feeders from 6" to 36" diameter
  • Vibratory feed systems can be designed to feed some of the most difficult parts
  • Adjustable tooling to feed multiple parts in the same system
  • Hardened selectors and discharges for high wear parts
  • Various coatings and linings are available for part protection