The Versatile Hoosier Heavy-Duty Feeder

Traditional centrifugal feeders are perfect for high speed applications that feed light, plastic parts to packaging, labeling, and assembly processes.  But what do you do if the part you need to feed is too heavy? To irregularly shaped? To hard or abrasive? Parts fitting that description would most likely destroy a traditional centrifugal feeder which is why Hoosier Feeder Company developed the Heavy-Duty Centrifugal Feeder.

As described by its name, Hoosier’s Heavy-Duty Feeder specializes in heavy and abrasive parts. Its center disc can hold up to 1000 lbs of product and the helical conveyor lifts parts from the center instead of relying on inertia to elevate parts to selection tooling making it much more reliable and effective.

But what’s more, is that with a few modifications this feeder is perfect for light-duty jobs as well and can be more ideal for food applications as well as for parts with unique physical characteristics like odd shapes or finishes. By removing some of the features that accommodate the heavier parts, the system becomes more economical for lighter parts and still brings the reliability and versatility of the overall design.

If your project is ill-fit for a standard centrifugal feeder and doesn’t work in a vibratory feeder, maybe the Hoosier Heavy-Duty Feeder design can suit your needs.  We want to provide the solution to your part feeding challenge and will work with you to find the best possible option.

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