How to Select the Best Feeder System Vendor

Whether you need a vibratory or centrifugal feeder system – or both – you want the confidence to know you’re choosing the right company to fill that need. You’re investing a lot of money to ensure the system is optimized for peak efficiency.

Vibratory Bowl

Consider these questions as you select the best feeder system vendor for your project:

  1. Experience – Does the company that you choose have high quality, experienced builders to complete the task? Hoosier Feeder Company has extensive experience in each department from design to construction of the feed system.
  2. Quality – Does the company have a reputation for high quality work? It can cost a lot down the road if the system doesn’t perform to your expectations. Hoosier Feeder Company has built our reputation on high quality equipment and customer service. You just need to buy one to understand why customers return to partner with us time and time again.
  3. Project management – Are they equipped to handle the project from the quoting stage clear through delivery? We have dedicated project managers to handle your project through the entire build process. One point of contact and periodic design and status reviews with the customer helps to keep things from falling through the cracks.
  4. Customer service – Do they have the staff to follow up the sale with any needs you might have once the system is on your floor? We have a trained service tech staff in the event that you require assistance after the sale. We dispatch techs with over 20 years of experience to assist you.
  5. Timing – Do they have a good track record of delivering the system on time? We work extremely hard to deliver the system on time as to not hold up the complete build process.

Selecting the Best Feeder System Vendor

Are you in the market for a new feeder system? Have you chosen the vendor yet? We’d love to discuss your project with you. Contact us today to learn more about our diverse capabilities and experience.


October 29, 2014