Make a Feeder System Work for Any Part with a Modular Centrifugal Feeder

How Can You Make One Feeder System Work for Any Part?

That is a question that has been asked by manufacturing and assembly professionals for a long time. But Innovative feeder systems are uncommon in our industry, so the answer used to be – you can’t. That, however, was before Hoosier Feeder Company introduced the revolutionary modular centrifugal feeder system.

How Can You Make One Feeder System Work for Any Part? Use a Modular Centrifugal FeederCompanies have long been required to invest in new feeder systems based on the parts that needed to be oriented. At Hoosier Feeder Company, we saw no reason why feeder systems couldn’t be more flexible. One unit, if engineered properly, could feed almost any product.

The modular centrifugal feeder system was designed by borrowing the standard, off-the-shelf centrifugal tooling frame and dividing it into modular segments. After using precision pins to find the segment plates, you can change over tooling sets to handle a variety of products from multiple lines.

Benefits of a Modular Centrifugal Feeder System

The benefits of a modular centrifugal feeder system are inarguable:

  • You can automate different size parts in the same family so there’s no touch changeover between part sizes
  • By switching out 4 segmented tooling sections, you can convert a system to feed a different part family
  • Common dowels help you locate segment plates, so minimal tooling knowledge is necessary to complete the tool-less changeover
  • You can standardize tooling across lines, outfitting multiple lines at once
  • You can retool the unit and develop new technology off-site for future projects without removing the feeder
  • Simultaneously start-up at various plant locations
  • You can easily adapt the modular platform to existing units

Modular Centrifugal Feeder (Hoosier Feeder System)Modular centrifugal feeder systems enable businesses to gain a competitive advantage, reduce research and development time, save money, and improve efficiencies.

Learn More About Modular Centrifugal Feeders

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