Hoosier Feeder Company Launches Modular Centrifugal Feeder System

Innovation doesn’t come easy in the feeder systems industry, which is why Hoosier Feeder Company’s modular centrifugal feeder system is so revolutionary.

Hoosier Feeder Company's Revolutionary Modular Centrifugal Feeder System We couldn’t understand why industry standards weren’t more flexible. Historically, feeder systems have been constructed to oriented specific parts. Companies, as a result, were forced to invest in a completely new feed system every time they needed to adapt to whatever the marketing department has come up with next. This increases the capital investment required to develop new products along with understanding how product changes will affect your production floor.

At Hoosier Feeder Company, we decided to look at the problem from a different perspective. What if you could make one unit feed any product, past, present, or future?

The result of our efforts is the modular centrifugal feeder (or modular rotary feeder). We took the rigid centrifugal tooling frame and split it into modular tooling segments. By locating the segment plates using precision pins, tooling sets can be easily changed over to additional tooling sets designed to accommodate new products. Some of the benefits include:

Benefits of the Modular Centrifugal Feeder System

  • Different size parts in the same “family” can be automated for no touch changeover between part sizes
  • System can be converted to feed a completely different part family by switching out 4 segmented tooling sections
  • Segment plates are positively located using common dowels which requires minimal amount of tooling knowledge to complete the tool less changeover
  • Tooling standardization across all lines
  • Permits retooling the unit and developing new technology off site for future projects without removing the feeder from the manufacturing operation
  • Permits common start-up simultaneously at various plant locations
  • Modular platform can be easily adapted to existing units

A Competitive Advantage for Manufacturers

Modular Centrifugal Feeder (Rotary Feeder)It is our mission to give our customer’s a competitive advantage in the market. This feeder system innovation will reduce the amount of research and development time required to understand how new products and components will affect your current operation.

For more information about our innovative modular feeder systems, and to learn how they may benefit your organization, visit our Modular Centrifugal Feeder System page or contact us today.


October 24, 2015