Hoosier Feeder Company Celebrates 10 Years

It all began with a vision to couple the best parts feeding and process automation equipment with unparalleled customer support.  In such a saturated industry, bringing that vision to life was much easier said than done.  Beginning with only 4 total employees, including the founders, Hoosier Feeder Company pushed through the 2008 recession and against the odds made deliberate and consistent steps towards building the foundation of a top-tier parts handling company.  From a single small shop, to at one time 3 buildings and eventually to our new manufacturing facility, the growth of a solid company was evident, but never certain.  
It is for these reasons Hoosier Feeder Company took the time to celebrate 10 years together as the family we are, away from work and the stresses it brings.  We celebrated together on Lake Monroe this October and enjoyed food, drink, and good company.  In proper Hoosier fashion we enjoyed a hog roast cooked up by the Schombert brothers themselves.  Our trip, complete with hotel accommodations for the whole family, was the perfect opportunity to spend some leisurely time with each other to laugh, tell stories, and grow a little closer.  Fortunately for Hoosier Feeder Company and all of its employees, the work culture trickles down from the top to produce a healthy environment to live and prosper.
Making it to 10 years marks a significant milestone in the growth of Hoosier Feeder Company.  As we delve into the next decade of work we reflect on both successes and shortcomings to make sure we never lose the vision to be the best possible team we can be.  Surely, some of the success of Hoosier Feeder Company can be attributed to our family mentality and closeness of our tight-knit team.  
Feeling refreshed and revived from our celebration, our team is ready to tackle your parts handling needs.  Let us show you how we can help you and your company grow.  Contact us today!

January 3, 2018