Feeders for Everyday Projects

While it is extremely unlikely that a vibratory or centrifugal feeder ends up in a household, chances are, a feeder has played a much larger role in the production of goods you find in your house every day.  From consumable products, to tools and automobiles, the products made in large quantities for the masses must be manufactured in way that is financially reasonable, and Hoosier Feeder Company feeders help our customers do just that.  
Automobiles are a great example of a product that relies heavily on vibratory and centrifugal feeders to assist in production.  Every consumer car needs hundreds of fastening devices, whether they are nuts, bolts, pins, studs, clips or electrical connectors.  With cars being produced in the millions every year, it is easy to see how quickly the number of bolts needed skyrockets.  Hoosier Feeder Company provides the machine to take a box of bolts from bulk and supply the production line with a continuous stream of bolts in a predictable orientation and location so that robotic systems can assemble them.
Medical IndustryEven further,  plastic fittings, spouts, nozzles, and lids for food and medical products are often fed through vibratory and centrifugal feeders. From making sure your sour cream can be more easily distributed on that taco to keeping children out of a medicine bottle, our feeders play a part in products you touch every day.  We are constantly amazed at the variety of products we are tasked to feed and their reach into the consumer market.
We also notice the role of feeders growing in the packaging of food products themselves.  Hoosier Feeder Company offers several options for food-safe machines and have been testing them increasingly in recent years.  The next time you bite into a stick of dried meat or a frozen breakfast sandwich, consider how a centrifugal feeder might have provided the sorting and organization before they reached their packaging.
Manufacturing Industry
One part of manufacturing that often goes unnoticed is the inspection process.  If a company produces 500,000 products per year that each contain 5 bolts, how does that company really know that all of their 2.5 million bolts are within spec?  Hoosier feeder company provides versatile feeding systems to inspection companies so that they may use computers to visually inspect each part before the manufactures ever get them.  Feeding systems are an integral component to almost every major manufacturing line, even in multiple stages for the same parts!
If you are ramping up production, or streamlining your process, give us a call!  Even if we find that a feeding system isn’t in your best interests, we have a strong network of process automation specialists we can connect you with to get you where you need to go.
January 24, 2018