Feeder Skilled Trades Spotlight: Electrical

From welding to electrical work, skilled trades professionals are the foundation of our industry. At Hoosier Feeder, we truly appreciate the contributions of our outstanding skilled trades team members.

Today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on:


Just as welding is an art form, so too is electrical work. It demands precision, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. At Hoosier Feeder, our electrical team plays a pivotal role in the functionality of our machinery. They develop PLC logic, install electrical components, and oversee panel assembly, ensuring compliance with industry standards and safety regulations. Collaborating with engineers, they improve product quality and troubleshoot system issues, meticulously documenting their findings. With a focus on project timelines and customer satisfaction, they ensure equipment reliability and maintain necessary documentation. From start to finish, our electrical team's expertise ensures the smooth operation of our feeder bowls and conveyor systems.

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“Working in electrical at Hoosier Feeder is incredibly fulfilling," shares Jeff Brodt, Electrical Lead at Hoosier Feeder. "Every day presents new challenges and opportunities to innovate. We take pride in our ability to find creative solutions to complex problems and contribute to our customers’ success."

We are incredibly grateful for our electrical team, whose dedication and expertise are instrumental to our success. Join us in celebrating their outstanding contributions as we continue to highlight the craftsmanship and innovation of our skilled trades employees in our Feeder Skilled Trades blog series. Stay tuned for more updates!

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May 28th, 2024