Why Should I Automate My Product Line?

Process automation strives to make your process continuous, reducing breaks in production and downtime for maintenance.  Here are seven reasons why you should automate your product line:

1. It allows you to reallocate human resources

Process automation gives your company the ability to use their human resources to grow in many new ways.  For instance, a worker can use their understanding of the product/process sell or help grow the company’s professional network instead of physically assembling the product. 

2. It can create a more efficient product line

Automated processes are ultimately built on rules set by your company, which are then strictly followed by the machinery.  Production can be monitored, quantified, and fine-tuned to achieve the level of efficiency your company requires.

3. It is easier to maintain and predict an automation line

Using the rules mentioned above as a point of reference, personnel can locate, diagnose, and fix problems that occur in the process without risking employees’ safety.  Because the process is based on patterns and not human physical stamina, problems can be prevented instead of being dealt with as they occur.

4. It can increase production due to higher speeds and efficiency

Process automation strives to make your process continuous, reducing breaks in production and downtime for maintenance.  As your process is optimized, your production grows while reducing waste in both time and money.

5. In the long run it will save the company money

As the initial investment is absorbed into your company’s new operation plan, every second saved, each bad part converted to good, and every extra pallet loaded on to a truck accumulates to earn back that cost and then some.

6. By outsourcing automation processes you can get support from automation specialists in their respective areas of expertise

Hoosier Feeder Company and other process automation equipment companies stand by our work, which means when our product is integrated into a new system we want to ensure it works flawlessly.  We will help you implement our machines to get the most out of your production line.

7. It can increase quality and consistency of your product

By holding production to much tighter tolerances that can only be maintained by machinery, your finished product will be produced more often with fewer errors increasing your value as a manufacturer.

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September 6, 2017