What Parts To Stock and What To Not

A downed automation system can hemorrhage money from your bottom line. So, it is key to know what to stock and what not to stock. That way if a system where to go down you would have the parts on hand to get the machine operational again as soon as possible.

One aspect that should be kept in mind is how much your feeder system is integrated into your production system. For instance, if your feeder is supplying a million dollar a day line, it would be wise to stock all the items in your respective category.

When it comes to the following parts we are about to mention it is important to keep in mind that some of the items list may not be part of your system. It is also important to know what type of feeder you have so that you know which list pertains to you.

Spare Parts

Centrifugal Feeder Spare Parts List

  • Idler Shaft Collar
  • Idler Sprocket
  • Spindle Ball Bearing, Two Seals
  • Speed Reducer
  • 2 Chain varying in link length
  • Output Shaft Kit
  • Motor Sprocket
  • Motor Shaft Collar
  • Motor
  • Center Disc
  • Center Disc Cap
  • Lid Shock
  • Air Cone
  • Air Nozzles and Jet
  • Electrical Sensors

Vibratory Feeder Spare Parts List

  • Drive Unit Coil
  • Drive Unit Springs
  • Drive Unit Spacers
  • Drive Unit Feet
  • Inline Drive Coils
  • Inline Drive Springs
  • Inline Drive Spacers
  • Controller
  • Track High Level Sensor
  • Track High Level Amp
  • Bowl Low Level Sensor
  • Air Nozzles and Jets
  • Hopper Coils*
  • Hopper Springs*
  • Hopper Spacers*

*Hoppers are listed last as they are usually the least likely to fail of the group due to limited use in comparison to the drive and inline equipment.

Need Parts?

Feel free to give us a call to help diagnose a problem or to come out and make the repair. We are happy to help in any way possible.

To stock your parts for vibratory feeders or centrifgual feeders it is best to start with our Spare Parts Request a Quote Form or call us at 765.445.3333.


July 8, 2019