What is the Value of Technical Drawings for Feeder Systems?

Visitors to the Hoosier Feeder Company website may notice we offer technical drawings in our Resources section. I am sure you have done a little bit of homework and visited some of our competitor’s sites and realized that providing technical drawings is uncommon.  So why does Hoosier make technical drawings available online for you to access without waiting on someone to send you what you need?

Feeder System Technical Drawings (3D Solid Works & AutoCAD)At Hoosier Feeder Company, we believe in the value of efficiency. It is our mission to make you feeder experts. Offering technical drawings of basic systems enables customers to get the information they need at their convenience, enabling you to get an overall footprint of your concept in front of your boss without waiting for someone to return your call or email.

Our site features basic feeder system concept drawings in 3D Solid Works and AutoCAD for you to lay into your machine drawings and study the details. Whether you need a rotary feeder (centrifugal) or vibratory bowl feeder, you’ll find drawings to guide your planning on our site. We welcome any opportunity to learn more about the specifics of your project and provide custom drawings.

To learn more about technical drawings available for review from Hoosier Feeder Company, click here.


October 16, 2015