New Hoosier Feeder Training Center, Showroom, and NDA-Shop

Since moving into our new facility in late 2016, Hoosier Feeder Company has been growing to embrace the additional space and the capabilities it affords.  An exciting project we are working towards is incorporating a Showroom and Training Center into our administrative building.  This new feature will allow us to have a designated space, away from the shop floor, to train customers on several styles of feeding systems and to demonstrate some of our more common styles of feeders


The addition of a showroom and training center is part of our initiative to elevate our customer’s experience by not only providing top-notch feeding systems, but to educate them about what they are buying.  Our manufacturing shop is a busy space structured around producing quality machinery so having an area that is free from excessive noise, metal shavings, and heavy equipment should provide an optimal learning experience for our customers.
Another feature Hoosier Feeder Company plans to add to our administrative building is a NDA-Shop that will provide the perfect space for sensitive projects where it is paramount to keep project details confidential and away from wandering eyes.  This will be a fully functioning machine and fabrication area that will be separate from our primary manufacturing shop with limited access to only those involved with the project..
Hoosier Feeder Company is working hard to incorporate these features to better serve our customers.  Our company is centered around the customer, continually driving us to produce the best feeders and provide the support it takes for you to understand, purchase, and maintain your system. 

September 18, 2017