Investment in Feeder System Safety

Few would argue against your employees being your most valuable asset. They produce the goods and services for your customers, promote your brand, and manage your operations. Success is clearly dependent on the well-being of your workforce.

Safety's return on investment is dependent on knowing one important thing: How much does an injury actually cost?


Fully understanding all of the costs associated with a workplace injury can be difficult. There are direct and indirect costs associated with injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

Direct Costs Associated with Workplace Injuries

Direct costs are the most apparent harm to a company’s bottom line. Direct costs can include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Workers compensation payments
  • Litigation expenses
  • Civil liability
  • Property losses

Indirect Costs Associated with Workplace Injuries

While direct costs are most obvious to all those concerned with a business's bottom line, indirect costs are often overlooked even though they have a far greater impact. Indirect cost can include:

  • Delays in project schedule
  • Training replacement workers
  • Administrative expenses
  • Accident investigation
  • Implementation of corrective action
  • Low employee morale

Feeder System Safety – A Hoosier Feeder Priority

At Hoosier Feeder Company, we take enormous pride in our ability to not only build the highest quality parts handling systems but set the standard for safety in the feeder industry. Noise reduction, LOTO procedures, proper guarding, and ergonomic concerns are always at the forefront while designing our vibratory feeders and rotary feeder systems.

So if it is clear that the investment in safety pays good returns, how is one to know where to invest and what to do? Contact us today to learn more about how Hoosier Feeder Company can conduct an assessment of your operations and improve overall safety.


September 19, 2015