Automation in the Food Industry

The food & beverage industry is riddled with complexities that the automotive and manufacturing industries don’t experience.  It directly impacts the health of massive populations and consequently needs to be regulated to higher degrees of safety and sanitation.  

To compound safety hurdles, there is a growing workforce shortage that nearly all our partners, customers, and competitors are experiencing that is reflected by the entire manufacturing industry, food included.


As food producers expand to meet the demand of an ever-growing population, they look to automation to minimize contamination, increase product consistency, and alleviate pressure from a shrinking work force.  Hoosier Feeder Company has been working to solidify our place in the expanding Food manufacturing industry by providing a sanitary and efficient product feeding system for packaging and assembly.

Automation has been entrenched in the automotive and other industrial manufacturing settings since the concept of automated assembly was applied and thus countless niche industries to support automation have begun and flourished.  

It has and will take time for these “sub-industries” to adapt to the strict tolerances of the food industry, but as the demand increases to alleviate production and staffing shortcomings, opportunities will continue to arise for automation technology in the Food industry.

April 19, 2019