Introducing NEW High-Speed Clip Placement System

Feed Automotive Plastic Clips 3X Faster than Conventional Methods

The newest addition to Hoosier Feeder Company's line of product placement solutions, the Clip Placement System, is designed to singulate, orient, feed, and place plastic clips used to assemble automotive panels and components,


Clip Placement System

The new automation solution accurately feeds standard size automotive plastic clips at a rate three times faster than conventional methods, increasing throughput. 

The patent-pending Clip Placement System is constructed within an efficient assembly cell that maximizes floorspace. The compact footprint utilizes just 36" x 36" (or 36” x 45” including controls).

1The Equipment & Process

  • 0.5 cube stainless steel hopper receives the bulk clips
  • Vibratory feeder bowl singulates and orients the bulk clips
  • Blow feed mechanism smoothly shuttles the clips 
  • Advanced end-of-arm tooling accurately places clips 


  1. Easily integrates with assembly stations and other equipment
  2. Integrates with 6-axis and SCARA robots (Robot and controls sold separately)
  3. Complete system integration is available through an integration partner
  4. Installation and service are also available. 

See How It Works:

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December 9th, 2022