How to Replace a Spring and Set a Coil Gap on Your Vibratory Feeder

Regular use of any equipment can inevitably cause parts to break down. Generally, Vibratory Feeder Bowls are robust and require little maintenance. But, in rare instances, you may need to replace or add a spring inside of your vibratory feeder drive unit and set a coil gap. Understanding the repair process and having a plan in place for fixing your feeder bowl can help reduce downtime and stress if the situation arises.

Review this quick video tutorial and follow the steps below to replace a spring and set a coil gap on your vibratory feeder bowl.  

Steps To Add a Spring and Set a Coil Gap

  1. Remove the coil stand and set it aside
  2. Remove the striker plate and set it aside
  3. Loosen both top and bottom bolts on the spring bank, then remove the bottom bolts from the lug and the top bolts from the crossarm
  4. Remove the spring pack and lay the top bolts face down with the threads up
    1. Make sure to check the coil face and striker plate for oxidation. If oxidation is present, clean it by using a multi-purpose abrasive scuff pad

To Add Springs:

  1. Add one space to the top and bottom of the upper spring, set the spring over top of the bolts and align them with the bottom holes
    1. Note: the bigger holes are on the bottom. You’ll want to switch bolt length to compensate for adding an extra plate
  2. Hold spring pack tight to make sure that none of the spacers fall out. Start this by threading the top bolts back into the crossarm. Once started, guide the bottom bolts through the spring pack and thread them into the lug. Bolts should be flush with the back of the crossarm. Remove and replace if too short or too long
  3. Snug all four bolts of the spring bank, once snug, apply torque.
    1. Bottom torque spec is 400 ft lbs. Top torque spec is 200 ft lbs.
  4. Reinstall the striker plate to the crossarm
  5. Reinstall the coil stand and tighten the bottom bolts

To Set the Coil Gap:

  1. Loosen bolts on the side of the coil
    • 30 thousandths (6”- 24” sized Vibratory Bowls) for non-rectified. 60 thousandths (27”- 42” sized Vibratory Bowls) for rectified
  2. Insert appropriate spacer between the coil face and striker plate
  3. Tighten jack screws until the face of the coil is completely snug against the spacer and the striker plate. Do not over tighten
  4. Re-tighten both bolts on the side of the coil, tightening them evenly so that one side does not pull more than the other

And that’s it! You have successfully added a spring and set a coil gap to your vibratory feeder.

Any questions?

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January 20th, 2023