Project Highlights:

Project Type: Rotary (Centrifugal) Feeder System
Client: Kraft / Maxwell House
Industry for Use: Pharmaceutical Industry, Packaging Industry, Filing and Labeling

Description: To orient difficult to handle bottles that have a height to width ratio which makes feeding via the customer’s desired orientation very difficult.

Feed System Components:

  • CNC Machining

  • Water Jet

  • Rolling

  • Forming

  • Welding

  • Fabricating

Volume/Rate: 120 parts per minute
Delivery/Turnaround Time: 12 Weeks
Delivery Location: Florida

Results: Met customer’s specification for complex feeder system with high feed rate  


We take pride in the high quality centrifugal feeder systems we produce at Hoosier Feeder Company. Customers from a wide range of industries come to us when they have complex processes or challenging parts handling requirements to fulfill. The feed system highlighted here was created for a client in the pharmaceutical industry, and designed as a centrifugal scallop feeder to orient three (3) sizes of medicine bottles for a filling and labeling machine.


This system needed to orient three (3) different sizes of medicine bottles for a filling and labeling machine. We integrated a prefeeder, rotary (centrifugal) feeder, conveyor, and control systems to accommodate the many intricate processes involved. We engaged our CNC machining, water jet, rolling, forming, welding, and fabricating capabilities to create the feeder. A scallop-type design was chosen for this project to orient these difficult-to-handle bottles, employing Delrin scallops. Each bottle needed to be free of scuffs or scratches from processing. When completed, this feeder met all of our customer's requirements, including a volume rate of 120 parts per minute, faster than the competition. We provided this full service feeder system to our client within 12 weeks, and our customer was thoroughly satisfied with the results.

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