Inline Feeders (Linear Feeders)

Inline Feeders (Linear Feeders) by Hoosier Feeder Company

Hoosier Feeder Company offers an extensive range of inline feeders with different specifications to meet customer requirements. Inline feeders or linear feeders are vibratory feeding devices that transfer parts from a feeder bowl into machines, part placement devices, or to operators. Inline feeders align parts in a linear fashion across tracks to ensure smooth transportation of specific parts.

  • We offer a broad range of drivers that can support virtually any track length
  • The rigid design of the tracks, their length and width are crucial parameters that ensure effective product handling
  • The unique design of our inline feeders significantly reduce the transmission of vibrations
  • Our feeders are made from hard materials to ensure maximum resistance against wear and rust
  • The capability to deliver highly-accurate feeding at variable feed rates makes our inline feeders a simple, economical, and reliable choice for our customers

Standard and Optional Feeder Features

  • Each track is custom designed for each specific application
  • Tracks can be designed to accommodate multiple parts with positive change over
  • Gravity Tracks can be designed to specific lengths and angles
  • Discharges can be designed to be vertical, horizontal or any angle required
  • Track Materials
    • Hardened A2 tool steel
    • Stainless Steel
    • Delrin
    • Nylon

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