Feeder Systems for Cosmetics Industry

Feeder Systems for Cosmetics IndustryThe cosmetics industry relies on the image of the container to give customers confidence in the quality of the product inside. For example, who is going to buy a container of Lipstick when the shiny exterior has scuffs and scratch marks sitting on the market shelf?  The feeder system must be designed with ultimate efficiency in mind to reduce part recirculation and ensure these irregularities do not occur.

Hoosier Feeder Company designs solutions that take the extra steps necessary to make sure parts remain in pristine condition after travel through the feed system. Whether you need a vibratory feeder or centrifugal (rotary) feed system, we can create a solution that will maintain the integrity of your product. With Hoosier Feeder Company, your cosmetic cases will retain their appearance and stand out on store shelves.