Bulk Supply Hoppers and Elevators

Bulk Supply Hoppers and Elevators for Feeder Systems (Hoosier Feeder Company)Sometimes the bulk delivery of parts to a feeder is the key to efficiency of the entire feed system. At Hoosier Feeder Company our hoppers and elevators are designed and manufactured with the entire feeder system in mind. We provide elevators and bulk hoppers according to customer specifications. Specially-designed hoppers and elevators will allow storage of parts in huge quantities with lower load heights. Our elevators can effectively carry bulk parts to a parts feeder at controlled speeds. Our products are used for different part handling applications in numerous industries.

  • Bulk supply hoppers are a combination of storage hoppers and vibratory troughs, designed to gently convey bulk parts to part feeders
  • As a standard feature they are signaled to operate by means of non-contact level control devices
  • Bulk supply hoppers and elevators are available in different sizes, capacities and varieties
  • Hoppers are offered in different types such as straight back, straight front, low-profile, and square top models
  • Custom designed to work with Vibratory Feeders and Centrifugal Feeders

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