Escapement Mechanisms

Escapement Mechanisms (Hoosier Feeder Company)

Escapements are designed to isolate individual parts for the assembly process. We offer a range of escapements, which are adaptable to all kinds of part sizes and tooling requirements in numerous industries.

  • Escapements are mechanical devices that are for isolating parts with consistent repeatability
  • These devices are custom designed to position the parts for the assembly process
  • Escapements are custom designed to work efficiently with the overall feeder or parts handling system (centrifugal feeders or vibratory feeders)
  • We are able to incorporate unique design features into our escapements and other components as a result of the knowledge we have gained by virtue of our longstanding experience in the parts handling industry
  • We work with the customer through all aspects of design, function, and finishing of these escapements
  • Designing and building of escapements are carried out using high quality components and processes