Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

Conveyors for Feeder Systems (Parts Handling Systems)

Conveyors are linear transportation devices that deliver parts from/to feeder bowls. These conveyors can transport product in a repeatable position in a single lane or we can split one lane of feed into multiple lanes to increase machine output at slower cycle speeds. We provide conveyors with different styles of belts and materials to meet the varied automation requirements of our customers. Our conveyors are known for their versatile functions in the packaging, automotive, medical, consumer products, electronics, and printing industries.

  • Parts that are thin and relatively more difficult to transfer can be handled easily by our conveyors
  • Our conveyors are rigid and strong, with high load handling capabilities
  • Conveyors can be manufactured in various lengths and widths
  • Technical assistance is provided to help you choose the right conveyor depending on your application
  • Low-profile flat belts, plastic modular belts, two-piece plastic chain belts, roller chain belts, and timing belts are some of the belt styles incorporated in our conveyors

Conveyor & Conveyor System Options

  • Custom designs can include bi-directional flow, inclines, angles, and radius turns.
  • Conveyors can be tooled for multiple parts
  • Conveyors can be designed to work with vibratory feeders or centrifugal feeders
  • Positive adjustment of confinements
  • Variable speed A/C or D/C motors and controllers
  • Multiple lines of feed
  • Photo optic sensors to detect high and low levels
  • Sealed bearings in all units for low maintenance.
  • Quick disconnect cords
  • Wide variety of confinements materials available for part protection
    • Length: 1 to 40 feet
    • Width: 2 to 48 inches

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