Project Highlights:

Project Type: Vibratory Feeder System
Clients: Bausch & Lomb
Industry for Use: Medical Industry, Cosmetics

Description: High Speed Vibratory Feeder for Bausch & Lomb Eye Wash Solution Caps

Feed System Components:

  • Vibratory Drive Unit

  • Vibratory Linear Inline

  • Sensors and Controllers

Volume/Rate: 350 parts per minute
Delivery/Turnaround Time: 13 weeks
Delivery Location: North Carolina, South Carolina

Results: Met customer’s strict guidelines and developed system that fed parts to meet efficiency goals.


The pharmaceutical and medical industries have considerable regulations. Feeder system builders must be certified and provide documentation before they can work on systems in these industries. To even enter a secure room, feed system builders must complete several hours of training.

Bausch & Lomb needed a surgical grade and certified glass vial eye wash solution system that delivered 350 parts per minute. The company contracted Hoosier Feeder Company to build a system to replace an existing one that didn’t meet current rate requirements.


Hoosier Feeder Company developed a vibratory feeder solution that fed and oriented multiple eye wash solution caps at a higher rate of speed. The company was able to meet the stringent guidelines mandated to work in the regulated environment, as well as feed the parts at a speed that achieved efficiency goals.

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