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Efficient cleaning for Strict Regulations

The food and food packaging industry, as a whole, trails the majority of industries that use process automation.  It is paramount to handle food in a way that does not endanger consumers, which makes for a challenge when trying to automate a previously manual process.  Fortunately, Hoosier Feeder Company is well versed in food grade automation applications.  

The Hoosier Feeder Company Wash-Down Food Grade Conveyor is built to adhere to even the most strict food and beverage regulations.  From the medical grade steel support structure to the FDA approved belt, you can be sure that when it comes time to clean and maintain your food packaging line,  your conveyor will stand up to the persistent cleaning solutions and not leave anything behind for your consumers.  When entering into a food grade application, look no further than the Hoosier Wash-Down Food Grade Conveyor. 

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We specialize in producing high quality and efficient equipment that orients parts with vibratory feeders and centrifugal food systems. We weve worldwide industries with our parts handling equipment. From custom built parts handling equipment to routine maintencace, service, installation and repair.

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