Scallop centrifugal feeders are often used to orient bottles, containers, and product that has 1.5:1 height to width ratio and require a final orientation that is side by side, or diameter to diameter.

Hoosier Feeder Company specializes in designing rotary or centrifugal feeders, including scallop centrifugal feeder systems, that run effortlessly to meet the highest output rate demands. Our innovative design team works with you to develop a scallop rim design made specifically for your product to singulate & orient your product at very high efficiency rates.

Scallop Centrifugal Feed System Operation

Below are the five (5) steps of scallop centrifugal feeder operation.

  1. The Scallop Feeder Accepts Your Product. The scallop centrifugal feeder accepts product on demand from a separate bulk supply hopper or prefeeder. Product drops randomly, a few at a time, into the center of the feeder onto a rigid disc.
  2. The Scallop Centrifugal Feeder Loads and Singulates Your Product. After dropping onto the ABS plastic rigid disc, parts load quickly onto the scalloped rim of the rotating bowl. The parts singulate between scallop fingers which help orient parts.
  3. The Scallop Feeder Qualifies Your Product. The scallops move the parts past mechanical, pneumatic and or optical qualifiers which re-orient or reject parts that are not properly nested within the scallops. Improperly nested parts are returned to the center of the bowl and recirculated.
  4. The Scallop Feeder Orients Your Product. After the product has been properly qualified, it is guided thru mechanical tooling that separates product that is open cavity towards bowl center away from product that is open cavity away from bowl center and guides them into the drop zone. The drop zone is designed to take both orientations of product and convert them to a common orientation into the lower scallop section directly below.
  5. The Scallop Feeder Delivers Your Product. Each part is guided and confined by the lower scallops, which transports the product in its final orientation onto the discharge conveyor. The discharge conveyor then moves product out of the scallop centrifugal feeder , in proper orientation, for delivery to downstream operations.

Scallop Feeder System Features

Standard Features

The FS Series Scallop Feeder comes standard with Stainless steel exterior construction, an FDA approved ABS vacuum formed disc, a Teflon hard coated anodized aluminum bowl, an air clutch, and integrated hinged polycarbonate covers with safety interlocks.


The scallop segments are designed specifically for your product and can be manufactured using white or black delrin, or Mic 6 aluminum tooling plate with various optional coatings based on the application.

Output Feed Rate

The scallop centrifugal feeder typically handles parts at various output rates based on your particular part’s characteristics and your desired production speed. Output rates can exceed 1000 parts per minute from a single unit.

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