Maintaining your equipment is critical to your vibratory feeder system's long term performance. Read below for tuning instructions for your inline vibratory feeder or download our Inline Feeder Tuning Instructions PDF. And please contact us with any questions you may have.

Procedures for Tuning Standard Inline Feeders:

  • Mount Track to Inline Top Bar
  • Mount Inline to Table Top or Risers SECURELY
  • Check Coil Gap. Most Standard Inlines are .045 - .050 
  • Check to make sure all bolts are tightened
  • Make sure all springs have spacers between them 
  • Place some parts in the Track
  • Turn on the control and adjust it so parts just begin to move slowly
  • On the Upper Spring Pack (front or rear) loosen one bottom bolt, slowly, approximately 1/2 turn, noting the part movement in the Track. If the parts speed up, the Inline is overtuned, and a Spring must be taken off, or replaced with a thinner Spring. If the parts slow down, the Inline is undertuned, and a spring must be added, or a thin Spring replaced with a thick one.
  • Make sure ALL bolts are tight and repeat Step 7 & Step 8.
  • When a bolt can be loosened with very little change in part speed, the Inline is tuned, and may be set to the speed required for production.

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