Centrifugal Feeder for the Food Packaging Industry


Centrifugal Nut Feeder


Customers in many different industries place their trust in the exceptional parts handling design and engineering capabilities of Hoosier Feeder Company. When one of our clients in the food packaging industry needed a centrifugal feeder for topping caps, we were proud to take on the job. The centrifugal (or rotary) feeder system needed to orient caps containing fruits and nuts, split one (1) lane of products into four (4), and then snap the caps onto single-serve containers of oatmeal.

Solution & Results:

Meeting high food grade standards and our customer's specifications, we manufactured a system with high grade components, including a prefeeder, centrifugal feeder, incline air conveyor, and four (4) down angle gravity tracks. We also constructed a bi-flow accumulation table to split products into four (4) lanes of feed, with spring-loaded jaws to present topping cups to the single-serve containers. The stainless steel construction integrated multiple components for a single machine, creating a turnkey project to take the product from one machine to another. When completed, the feeder system featured four (4) lanes, each at a rate of 50 ppm per lane, for a total of 200 parts per minute. The system was completed and delivered to our Iowa client in 16 weeks. This valued customer now uses Hoosier Feeder repeatedly for complex feeder system projects.

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Centrifugal Feeder for the Food Packaging Industry (Hoosier Feeder Company)