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What Are the Most Important Components and Features of a Vibratory Feeder System?

by Greg Schombert

Hoosier Feeder Company creates vibratory feeder systems for several industries, including automotive and consumer packaging. A quality vibratory feeder system enables companies to sort even the most complicated parts. While many customers understand the need for a vibratory system – to orient and discharge parts in a repeatable position for optimal efficiency – some are unfamiliar with the elements of a system that are most crucial to its design.

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Investment in Feeder System Safety.png

Investment in Feeder System Safety

by Chris Schombert

Safety's return on investment is dependent on knowing one important thing: How much does an injury actually cost? At Hoosier Feeder Company, we take enormous pride in our ability to not only build the highest quality parts handling systems but set the standard for safety in the feeder industry.

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Hoosier Feeder Company Takes Pride in Community Involvement

by Greg Schombert

Business owners find themselves trying to find more hours in the day, not more things to add to their already full plate. Even so, throughout our history Hoosier Feeder Company has been a business that cares and supports the local community. Whether we’re getting involved with the local food pantry, sponsoring the high school robotics team, or volunteering time for local causes, our team realizes the best way to make an impact with our business is to first make an impact in the community we serve.

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