Vibratory Feeder for Plastic Cap Assembly


Medical vibratory feeder take parts from bulk, orients them, & delivers them for placement in an assembly.


At Hoosier Feeder Company, we take pride in producing reliable and highly efficient vibratory feed systems and components. In this project, we were contracted by a customer in the medical industry who required a vibratory feeder for plastic caps. This machine needed to be able to take parts from bulk, orient them in the correct and repeatable position, and deliver them to a robotic cell for placement in an assembly. The system required a number of different components, including a hopper/elevator prefeeder, vibratory parts feeder, horizontal air conveyor, lexan sound enclosure, and a precision ground machine base with vibration isolation leveling feet.

Solution & Results:

Constructed of stainless steel, this precision vibratory feeder works with very tight tolerances (.020") to select and orient the part for presentation. Our client trusted our reputation as a leader in feeder system design and engineering, selecting us to build this challenging machine. When completed, the new parts feeder system consisted of 4 lanes, each running at 25 ppm, for a total of 100 parts per minute. We designed, manufactured, and installed this project for our California client with a turnaround time of just 12 weeks. Our customer was impressed by the highly accurate output of this machine, and has ordered a second system for the same part.

Vibratory Feeder System Photos