Flex Feeders 

Hoosier Feeder Company’s customers have come to expect exceptional quality, high feed rates, and a system that is easy to maintain, whether they need a vibratory feeder, a centrifugal feeder, or a flex feeder for robotic applications.

Flex Feeders for Robotic Applications | Vision Guided Parts Feeding

Flex feeder systems are a unique type of parts feeder system used specifically for robotic applications. Flex feeders include the following features and/or capabilities.

  • Used specifically for robotic applications
  • Systems can accommodate any part and are adaptable to whatever size and configuration is required
  • Parts are circulated in a "loop," but not oriented; systems usually include a series of conveyors and trays that feed parts repeatedly
  • Vision-guided robots identify and select parts for assembly; Robots pick parts they want off conveyors allowing the rest to recirculate
  • The pick conveyor (horizontal) is backlit for vision guided robot

Flex Feeder Photos