Centrifugal Puck Feeder System for Sharpie


Centrifugal Puck Feeder System for Sharpie


Hoosier Feeder Company has built an impressive reputation for delivering innovative feeder systems for projects that fall outside standard manufacturing expectations. Puck feeder systems are one such example.

A type of centrifugal feeder, puck feeder systems are designed to transport parts that naturally do not stand up on their own by placing the part into a puck for stability. Puck feeders work with continuous motion assembly machines and process parts at a very high rate of speed.

Newell Rubbermaid, manufacturer of Sharpie markers, required a puck feeder system to increase the speed of their production line.


Newell Rubbermaid wanted a feeder system that would increase the production speed of Sharpie markers from 120ppm to 500ppm. Sharpie marker barrels have unique characteristics, so a new feeder system needed to be developed to meet their expectations.

Hoosier Feeder Company proposed a puck feeder system that partnered with a continuous motion machine to make it happen.  The innovative design fed and oriented the body of the sharpie marker and placed it in a puck to ensure it stood straight up. The puck transported the marker body downstream to the assembly stations and kept it stable as the other components of the marker were added to the body. Once the maker assembly is complete, they are removed from the puck and the empty puck recirculates to start the process over again.

By designing a puck feeder system for the Sharpie marker barrels, we not only met the customer’s parts-per-minute requirement, but surpassed it. They requested a system that fed 500 parts per minute; Hoosier Feeder Company’s system reached 750 parts per minute.